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Facing Ponzi Scheme Charges? Call A Dedicated New York White Collar Criminal Attorney.

Federal investigators aggressively prosecute Ponzi schemes and other pyramid schemes, and those kinds of charges can be devastating for legitimate business professionals.

Get the help you need to defend yourself from Ponzi scheme accusations. At Kushner Law Group, PLLC, New York attorney Michael Kushner offers sophisticated, aggressive defense representation for those charged with white collar crimes, including Ponzi schemes.

What Is A Ponzi Scheme?

The term “Ponzi scheme” typically describes situations where the perpetrator presents investors with what seems like a fantastic opportunity to make a lot of money with little risk. However, the investment is bogus. Instead of generating legitimate profits, the scheme relies on the continuous influx of new investors to pay returns. When the flow of new money dries up, the whole scheme crumbles.

What Are The Signs Of A Ponzi Scheme?

Several red flags can help identify Ponzi schemes. These signs include:

  • No-risk, high-return investments
  • Unregistered investments
  • Unlicensed sellers
  • Secretive investment strategies
  • Paperwork issues

Typically, a Ponzi scheme is confusing and mysterious. If it is not clear how investors are benefiting from an investment, then this might be an attempt at security fraud.

What Are The Repercussions Of A Ponzi Scheme Charge?

In New York, security fraud is punishable with incarceration. Those charged with running a Ponzi scheme may also have their licenses and certificates revoked and face harsh reputational damage.

What Are Your Ponzi Scheme Defense Options?

Being accused of operating a Ponzi scheme does not mean a conviction. Many of our clients operated an honest business that, unfortunately, faced accusations of fraudulent actions from a disappointed investor. With help from our white collar crime lawyers, we can develop a defense to prove that you did not have fraudulent intent.

We Are Here To Help You

Our attorneys at Kushner Law Group, PLLC, have many years of experience and training to protect and defend our clients’ rights in New York state and federal courts. If you are facing security fraud and white collar crime charges, then you should contact us now for a free consultation by calling us at 718-838-9341 or contacting us online.