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Criminal Defense Based On Principles And Values

Our attorney has been defending clients and protecting their rights for decades, so he understands how overwhelming it can feel to be charged with a serious crime. He founded Kushner Law Group, PLLC, so he could provide the personalized attention our clients expect and deserve. When you work with us, you will be treated with dignity, compassion and respect.

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Highly Effective Criminal Defense

At Kushner Law Group, PLLC, our founder, Michael P. Kushner, has built an exceptional reputation as an attorney skilled in defending clients against the most serious types of federal criminal charges. He has a track record of being successful in getting charges dropped and cases dismissed.

Because we focus exclusively on criminal defense, extraditions and government investigations, our attorney can defend you at any stage of a felony criminal matter, from pre-indictment investigations through trial, appeals and post-conviction relief cases. He meticulously prepares every case and is always ready to go to court, but he is also a skilled negotiator when that is the best approach.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you very much for your help we really appreciate what you’ve done for my husband’s case. Hope you continue your good service so you could help people like my husband who have been wrongfully charged.”

– Mary C.

“Michael Kushner is highly professional, diligent and hard working. He has provided excellent legal guidance on several issues and has always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I may have. I have always felt that he has my best interests as his client in the forefront of his mind at all times. Overall, an excellent litigator.”

– Peter J.

“Communication with Michael Kushner is what kept customer service very high. Our contact required late hours due to the nature of the circumstances…Michael Kushner was available to answer questions and deliver vital information which brought peace of mind during the difficult situation. Today I give much respect to him and the security he provided in delivering great customer service. In would recommend to anyone that seeks quality service. I am truly grateful since receiving service from the Kushner Law Group that exceeded my expectation. Thank you.”

– Kevin N.

“Mike is a fine attorney; sharp and knowledgeable in both substantive and procedural law. I frequently confer with him when I need a precise perspective on one of my cases.”

– Jeffery S.

Don’t Let A Criminal Conviction Derail Your Life

Criminal convictions have serious and lasting repercussions on professionals, their families and their businesses. If you are under investigation or have been arrested, you need an experienced attorney to represent your interests. Our firm can assist you in avoiding arrest or position you and your business in the best possible position to minimize the adverse effects of an arrest.

With extensive experience in New York’s federal courts, including the Southern District of New York and Eastern District of New York, Mr. Kushner handles all types of white collar crimes and will protect you against prosecutorial overreach. In addition, he also represents clients in New York’s state courts in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

Our Firm Can Mitigate The Effects Of An Arrest

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