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General Criminal Defense Practice

The Kushner Law Group, PLLC, is here to protect your constitutional rights. With years of experience, our prominent attorneys have garnered not only the ability to effectively interpret state and federal laws, but we have also created successful defense strategies that have proven essential to our clients. We are a law firm that practices in all areas of New York general criminal defense for:

No matter how great or small the charge, we defend our clients to the best of our abilities because we hold true to our founding principles of equality and justice as applied to all.

Other Matters We Handle

In order to effectively represent client needs, a New York City law firm must have a knowledge base and skill set that go beyond a few areas of expertise. The Kushner Law Group, represents our clients in other noncriminal matters because we have years of experience defending their rights in all the courts in NYC. We take a holistic approach to representing client’s needs because often enough, the circumstances of a client’s case require a law firm that understands the entire legal landscape.

We are skilled in and can handle many other matters where you may need assistance. Our firm is adept at handling the complex even when what may seem simple, in actuality has many moving parts. In addition, we are here to assist you not only with criminal charges, but also in areas pertaining to:

All cases are handled with the same skill, zeal, and professionalism as major crimes.

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The Kushner Law Group, is able to defend clients on a myriad of criminal practices areas because we understand that different courts, judges and prosecutors can view the circumstances of the same charge or offense in different ways. We understand how these perspectives may affect the prosecution of a case. Send an email or call the Kushner Law Group, PLLC, now to begin your defense at 718-838-9341.