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Vigorous Advocates Fighting For Your Rights

Our Service Is Based On Principles And Values

Principles and values are at the heart of every law firm because what is meaningful to the lawyers who represent you ultimately will have an effect on you as a client. Our belief in equality and justice are founding principles that guide us in thoroughly representing you with respect and dignity. As New York criminal defense lawyers, our client’s lives matter to us. Read about our lead attorneys’ professional background by following the links below.


How We Are Different

We differentiate ourselves by trying to understand your needs while applying it to your case, and we are here to guide and help you understand the complex process of the criminal justice system. In addition, we defend you with our thorough knowledge of the varied intricacies of government investigations while we vigorously defend your constitutional rights.

Who We Are And How We Work

The Kushner Law Group is a team of like-minded attorneys who believe in the equality and protected rights embodied in the United States Constitution, as applied to all. With this said, we adhere to our founding principles that through equality, we may find justice, and through these beliefs, we are able to represent our clients, protecting their rights to the best of our abilities. Every client like every case is different and has their own special needs. We take these needs and all other factors of the attorney-client relationship into consideration when representing our clients and defending their rights. We believe that few things are truly finished forms and that we, as individual lawyers and as an individual law firm, can always strive to do better and evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients as we defend their constitutional rights.

Our History

“I began my career as a public defender representing those who could not afford private representation. I worked in one of the poorest counties in New York state and met and interacted with some of the most desperate and overlooked defendants. What I learned from that experience would be the bedrock of my legal career. Through compassion, diligence, hard work, zealous advocacy, and understanding – I was able to make a profound difference in the lives of these individuals who were my clients. Most of the clients had been in and out of the system and were often ignored and disregarded. Their prior attorneys had not been able to help them get the results they needed or craft deals with prosecutors that were to their benefit and this often resulted in the clients re-offending. I was able to succeed where others had failed because I took the time to listen, took the time to understand, and took the time to communicate with the district attorney’s office and the judges to obtain the right results.

Oftentimes lawyers begin in criminal defense to gain trial experience that they wish to transfer into other areas of the law that may be more lucrative to them. When it came time to ‘hang my shingle,’ there was no other practice area that I would consider entering rather than criminal defense. I sought to bring my client-centered approach to a private client practice. I began the Kushner Law Group under these founding principles, and I hope to personally ensure that each of our clients feels understood, listened to, and zealously advocated for. We obtain exceptional results for exceptional clients, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Michael P. Kushner, Esq.

Other Matters We Handle

In order to effectively represent client needs, a New York City law firm must have a knowledge base and skill set that go beyond a few areas of expertise. The Kushner Law Group, represents our clients in other noncriminal matters because we have years of experience defending their rights in all the courts in NYC. We take a holistic approach to representing client’s needs because often enough, the circumstances of a client’s case require a law firm that understands the entire legal landscape.

We are skilled in and can handle many other matters where you may need assistance. Our firm is adept at handling the complex even when what may seem simple, in actuality has many moving parts. In addition, we are here to assist you not only with criminal charges, but also in areas pertaining to:

All cases are handled with the same skill, zeal, and professionalism as major crimes.

Contact Us For Serious Defense

The Kushner Law Group has had years of experience defending the rights of our clients in a myriad of government investigations throughout the New York City and state court systems in addition to the federal courts, including the U.S. District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Put our understanding of state and federal laws and practices to your service. Send us an email or call us at 718-838-9341.