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A Powerful Defense Against Grant Fraud Charges

Allegations of grant fraud can be a nightmare. They can lead to serious criminal charges, which often involve in-depth investigations, intricate legal complexities and potentially severe consequences.

At Kushner Law Group, PLLC, we are trusted allies for those facing grant fraud charges in Brooklyn or throughout the New York City area. We fight for clients, such as researchers, grant writers, academics, nonprofit leaders and business owners, whose careers, reputations and freedoms are at stake. Our attorney, Michael P. Kushner, stands on nearly two decades of experience and a commitment to delivering a robust, strategic defense in every case.

Navigating The Minefield Of Grant Fraud Charges

Grant fraud crimes encompass a wide range of white collar crime charges, many at the federal level. We address all of them.

Some common types that surface in these cases include:

  • Misappropriation of funds: Similar to embezzlement and other financial misconduct, this type of offense involves the misuse or misallocation of grant money for purposes not specified in the grant agreement.
  • Cost mischarging: This offense involves incorrectly allocating costs to a grant in an effort to inflate expenses and draw more funds than are necessary or permissible.
  • Grant overbilling: This occurs when an organization bills more than the actual costs incurred under the grant.
  • False information on grant applications: Providing inaccurate or misleading information to secure grant funding can lead to serious fraud charges.
  • Kickbacks and bribery: If there’s evidence of bribes or kickbacks in exchange for grant awards, these actions can lead to serious criminal charges, including fraud charges under the federal False Claims Act.
  • Conflicts of interest: If someone involved in the grant decision-making process stands to personally benefit from the grant award, they could face serious charges such as bribery, corruption and fraud.

These allegations can lead to significant penalties, including hefty fines and even imprisonment. They also result in severe repercussions for your career and professional reputation. We can take swift action to protect you from the moment these allegations surface.

It’s essential to remember that an accusation is not a conviction. With the right defense, you can challenge these charges head-on.

Benefit From Our Vast And Valuable Experience

Kushner Law Group, PLLC, is a trusted ally for those facing both federal and state criminal charges related to grant fraud. Our defense lawyer has honed his skills in state and federal courts, especially in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. He serves as a compassionate, hands-on counselor who strives to make the process as comfortable as possible for our clients.

Contact our firm today and begin building your defense. You can also reach us by phone at 718-838-9341. We offer free consultations.