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What’s your defense if accused of a fatal hit-and-run?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Regarding traffic accidents, hit-and-run incidents can have severe legal and moral consequences. In New York, fleeing the scene of an accident without fulfilling certain obligations is a serious offense that can lead to various penalties. It is essential to note that hit-and-run incidents encompass collisions with other vehicles and accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists or fixed objects.

Further, fleeing the scene of a car accident after causing injuries or fatality is classified as a felony offense. If convicted, you are likely to face substantial penalties, including fines and an extended period of imprisonment. Continue reading to explore potential defenses that may ease the consequences of this offense.

Why are hit-and-runs criminal offenses?

New York law mandates that all parties involved in an accident must:

  • Stop their vehicle
  • Provide identification
  • Offer reasonable assistance to anyone injured at the scene

Additionally, drivers are required to report the accident to law enforcement authorities within a specified timeframe. Failure to fulfill these reporting obligations is considered a criminal offense.

Potential defense strategies

Your defense team could assert that you were mistakenly identified as the responsible party if you were not the driver involved in the hit-and-run incident. For this defense to be foolproof, much evidence must be gathered to support your innocence, including witness statements or surveillance footage.

Furthermore, it would help if your defense team had an alibi to demonstrate that you were somewhere else at the time of the hit-and-run accident, and thus, you could not have been the driver involved.

Getting involved in a hit-and-run incident is a serious matter that can have far-reaching consequences. It is essential to remember that fleeing the scene of an accident is not only morally wrong but also illegal. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, it is crucial to understand your legal rights and seek legal representation immediately.