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What exactly are federal drug conspiracy charges?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Federal Crimes |

When two or more people enter into an agreement to violate federal drug laws, they may face drug conspiracy charges. If convicted, you could end up in jail for several years, not to mention the steep fines the court may impose on you.

There are two main elements of drug conspiracy charges:

  • An agreement between two or more people to break a federal drug law
  • Knowledge of the unlawful agreement by the alleged conspirator

You may be convicted on federal drug conspiracy charges if the prosecution proves the above beyond a reasonable doubt.

The potential penalties of a federal drug conspiracy charge

Under federal law, conspiracy charges attract penalties similar to other drug charges. The legal punishment you may be subject to depends on the amount and schedule of drugs involved. For example, you may end up with not less than 10 years if your drug conspiracy charges involve a kilo or more of a substance or mixture containing detectable heroin.

The circumstances of your charges could also enhance your penalties. Aggravating factors, such as repeat offenders or if someone was injured or killed after consuming the drugs involved in your case, could result in a more severe sentence.

Defending against federal drug charges

A lot is at stake if you are facing federal drug conspiracy charges, and as the defendant, you need to mount a formidable defense that will protect your rights and interests. 

Having the right defense team in your corner will significantly increase the chances of getting a desirable outcome for your charges. Knowing where to look and having a good understanding of how the criminal justice system works can make a huge difference.