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Why students need to worry about constructive drug possession

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

There’s no telling who’s selling drugs these days. Someone off the streets could randomly come up to you and try and sell something. Or, it could be a relative or even your roommate – and that might spell trouble for you.

Some people can go their entire lives without ever knowing the person they live with is using or selling drugs, but when police officers come knocking on your door, you might suspect otherwise. You may be even more surprised when you’re arrested for your roommate’s actions.

Why would you be arrested for your roommates’ drug possession or sales? It’s called “constructive possession” and it could destroy your future.

Students are particularly vulnerable to this kind of charge

Studies have shown nearly 20% of students 18 to 22 years of age have admitted to substance use. Students often room with several other students to save money during their college years. 

If one of your roommates is suspected or caught using or dealing drugs, you, and anyone else living with you may be charged with constructive possession. You could be charged with constructive possession despite not having any drugs on your person so long it seems like you have access and control over them. 

In other words, if your roommate hid a stash in their closet, the police would probably not consider that an area you could easily access or control. However, if the drugs are stashed in a coffee can in the kitchen, that’s a common area – and the police are free to assume they could be yours. 

If you’re being charged with constructive possession and intent to distribute, reach out for legal help. You never want to face a drug charge on your own.