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Charged with murder? Work on your defense strategy immediately

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Felonies |

Facing a charge of murder is one of the most frightening things a person may ever need to endure. Murder defendants typically react to these charges emotionally.

They may fall into a crippling state of emotional despair, or they may harness these powerful emotions as a source of strength. The latter reaction is the most useful as it can empower you to move mountains in your defense.

After an arrest for any felony, especially first-degree murder, you should strive to put aside your negativity and focus on defending yourself. A logical first step is finding a team to help you brainstorm defense strategies.

Here are 3 defense strategies

If you did not kill the person, you probably want to focus on that. Yet, what if you did and the prosecution can easily prove it? Killing someone is not always murder. Three often-effective defenses to a murder charge include:

  1.   Self-defense. If you did not initiate the incident and can show that you were afraid for your life, the self-defense strategy may help you overcome your murder charges.
  2.   Defense of others. If you entered an altercation to protect another person, this strategy might help you defend your role in the death. You will have to show that you feared for the life of the person you chose to protect.
  3.   Battered woman syndrome. When victims of abuse reach their breaking point, abusers sometimes end up dead at the hands of their victims. While not necessarily a stand-alone defense, this strategy may at least lead to a reduction of the charges against you.

The key takeaway is not to give up and accept your perceived fate. There is always a chance when fighting any charge. Familiarizing yourself with the laws addressing felonies like homicide, murder and manslaughter in New York can also help you defend yourself.