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: Arrest made in Bronx shooting

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Felonies |

We all make mistakes, and we all fight from time-to-time. Though, most of the time, the altercation ends with words. Other times, things escalate to a physical altercation. However, in an unfortunate few situations, when one of the fighters has a gun, things escalate to gun fire. This does not mean the shooter meant for it to happen, and it also does not mean that the escalation was not justified. This appears to be what one local Bronx man is now facing.

The alleged shooting

According to the New York Police Department, two Bronx locals were fighting two blocks from the Bronx Park, on Cruger Avenue, near Lydig Avenue, around 3:00 p.m. The fight escalated, and the NYPD claims he shot the man. There has not been any information released on the details of the altercation though. When first responders arrived, he was taken to Jacobi Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The charges

The NYPD Warrants Squad arrested the local as part of their warrant roundup. He now faces several major felonies, including weapons possession, manslaughter and murder.

An unbiased view

It is so easy to take the media and police accounts at face value. Each story and press release paints this local man as a monster that killed a pillar of the community. But, as of yet, we have no idea what happened. For all we know, this was self-defense. We have no way of know, and it is simply unfair for any Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx, New York, resident to be pre-judged in this way. And, this is why the accused should always get professional help.