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Fatal shooting in Brooklyn leads to arrest, charges

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Many of our readers in Brooklyn may remember a shooting that occurred on May 6 near Kosciuszko Street earlier this year. The incident left one victim, a 40-year-old man, dead from multiple gunshot wounds. In the days and weeks immediately after the incident, no arrests were made. However, recently, a suspect was arrested and charged in relation to the alleged crime.

The reports indicate that a 46-year-old man was arrested on July 23 and charged with murder and two other firearms charges. The details of the law enforcement investigation that led to this arrest were scant in the initial reports, but will likely come to view in the days ahead.

Any act of violence in Brooklyn, or anywhere for that matter, can turn into a tragedy. Murder is obviously the most serious crime a person can face, with the potential for a criminal sentence that includes decades behind bars. Although there are few details in this recent case about how the suspect in question was identified, anyone with an eye toward developing a criminal defense strategy would have plenty of questions to ask.

Planning your strategy

That is the key to planning a strategy to defend yourself from criminal charges: question how and why the prosecution believes they have the evidence to secure a conviction. Every criminal defendant has constitutional rights that must be protected. And, some defendants can successfully push their cases to trial to attempt to secure a not guilty verdict. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help New York residents achieve that goal, please visit the criminal defense overview section of our website.