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New York Fraud Lawyers (Account Stated)

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Firm News |

We see this happening all the time. You, your company or a friend makes an agreement to hire out services, whatever it may be, and then for what ever reason the debtor refuses to pay for the hard work performed. This all too common predicament requires respected and experienced legal representation. Call the Kushner Law Group’s New York fraud lawyers now so we can begin advocating for you at 718-838-9341. With years of experience we are here to protect your rights.

Depending on the specific case facts, there are several causes of actions a New York Court of law will entertain when adjudicating a contractual dispute. Today we will be talking about a cause of action called “Account Stated.” An Account Stated remedy can be applied to a situation where someone performs a service and the debtor refuses to pay for such services.

What you Need to Prove

New York Courts recognizes the theory of Account Stated to make the provider of the services whole. Meaning the New York Court will make the debtor pay for the services if the service provider states and can prove that:

• The debtor agreed to pay the amount demanded based upon previous business dealings.
• A statement of account was presented to the client.
• The debtor accepted the account stated for a reasonable period of time without objection.


The Accounts Stated actions is an efficient means to force the debtor to pay the monies owed, however, as in all court mandated actions, there are defenses. Be aware that your Accounted Stated action may be defeated if:

• Failure to send the statements for a reasonable amount of time.
• Creditors failure to meet conditions before payment would become due.
• Fraud in billing, and more.

With this in mind, it is important talk to an experienced New York fraud attorney to protect your rights. Call the Kushner Law Group now at 718-838-9341 to protect your rights and recover what is owed to you.